Camp FI

This year I decided that I was tired of just passively absorbing information from the various Financial Independence (FI) blogs and podcasts on the internet and that I wanted to actually get involved. I’d reached a point in my path to FI where most things were on auto-pilot and I felt like by getting more involved I could see the following benefits:

  • Learn some new skills (like how to write words good)
  • Hopefully help some people
  • Create something instead of just consuming
  • Meet “like-minded” people and be engaged in a community that I’m passionate about

So, to do this, I felt like these were the first 3 steps I could take:

  1. Create this blog
  2. Engage with bloggers, podcasters, and readers/listeners online
  3. Attend in-person meetups

The first two have been in progress over the past 6+ months and while I’d like to maybe expand my readership a bit, I’ve been pretty happy with everything.

This month, I was able to achieve the first instance of #3 when my wife and I went to Camp FI Southeast down in Gainesville, FL.

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