In my quest to live a better, more fulfilling life I think it’s necessary to regularly challenge assumptions and normal patterns of behavior. Humans are creatures of habit and it’s easy to get stuck doing things in life not because they’re optimal, but because they’re routine or normal. To combat this, I’m regularly trying to take on short experiments to see if my life will benefit from doing things differently in a variety of areas. This page will list all of the experiments undertaken in this quest and the results I’ve seen from them.

Experiments Thus Far:

The Meditation Experiment

Undertaken in November 2017, this was 30 days of consistent meditation. Meditation is widely listed as a valuable tool by some of the most successful people in the world; I wanted to see how it would influence my life. Net Result: Felt pretty good about it and will try to keep this trend going. It’ll be interesting to see if missing days leads to losing the habit altogether or if I can make this a regular practice even if it isn’t daily.

Detailed results here.

The “Make TV Watching Hard” Experiment

Done in December 2017, the goal here was to not eliminate TV completely, but make it much harder to watch, so I could avoid getting sucked in and binge-watching. While I did end up watching quite a bit less TV during the month, I didn’t really follow the terms of the experiment very well

Detailed results here.


Let me know if you’ve got an idea for another experiment I should try or if you’ve done any of the above yourself! Email me at AardvarkAdvisor@gmail.com or use the contact page.

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