Go to your local zoo and stop by the Aardvark Exhibit and there’s a lot you can learn. For example:

  • Are aardvarks mammals? (Yes)
  • What’s the best approach to eating ants? (I mean, there are so many options)
  • Is there a difference between aardvarks and anteaters? (Will science ever really know?)
  • How’d they get to be so gosh darn cute? (Depends on who you ask…)

Here on Aardvark Advisor, on the other hand, there’s even more things you can learn that will hopefully have a direct benefit in your life (not that aardvark facts don’t…). I’m Andy and I’m going to be digging into a wealth of topics around personal finance, frugality, and generally living the best life possible by doing things just a little bit differently than what society tells us is normal and expected.

The goal here is to help you find actionable steps you can take in your life to get out of debt, save/earn more money, and ultimately achieve financial independence where you’ll never need to work again (if you choose not to). I also want to focus on real life case studies from my life and my readers’ lives because I think they help highlight strategies and lessons in a really effective way that’ll help you take action in your own life.

I’ve always been a big numbers geek and that passion has led me down the rabbit hole of sucking up as much information about personal finances as possible. I’m currently saving between 65% and 70% of my income each year which will allow me the flexibility to retire early or choose the type of work that I find valuable, regardless of income. I want to show you that while this may sound a bit crazy, it’s really just the combination of lots of small changes that can benefit everyone, even if you don’t want to go as extreme…Getting to this point has been a gradual process of improvement over the last 4 or 5 years, applying lessons I’ve learned from many of the other great websites in this internet community. Wherever possible as we discuss a variety of topics, I’ll try to refer you to additional reading so you can dig deeper if you like, and I’ll try to distill out the specific steps you can take now to make positive changes in your life.

Thanks for joining me! Here’s another picture of an aardvark:



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