February 2018

Set for Life

Just about a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen at Camp FI Southeast. This was great for one because they’re awesome, friendly people, but also because it was a nice opportunity to pick their (expert) brains a little bit about the real estate world.

I’ve never owned real estate (always the renter, never the bride), but these two work for a company that is dedicated to real estate investment: Bigger Pockets.

This was also the first time I had heard of Scott’s book: Set for Life. He gave a presentation about how he believes “House Hacking” is the best strategy for people in the early stages of wealth building and made the generous offer to send a copy of his book to anyone that was interested. Well, being both frugal and a personal finance nerd, there’s no way I was passing that offer up.

So, over the course of the last month I’ve covered the whole book, mostly with the audio version, and thought I’d share my thoughts with you fine readers. Continue reading Book Report: Set For Life by Scott Trench

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At first, I wasn’t even going to write a post about this because I didn’t want to contribute to the noise, but I… can’t… take it anymore! It’s time to get a little rant-y.

So, let’s do this.

In the last couple weeks the stock market has dropped fairly rapidly. The S&P 500 was at a high of about 2873 on Jan 26 and it closed at about 2649 today (Feb 5). That’s a drop of nearly 8% and everyone is losing their freaking minds!

This is ridiculous. Continue reading Can we all stop freaking out about the stock market?

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